Connected Lighting

Transcend® Network Connected Lighting

Transcend Network Connected Lighting is a smart lighting system that can dramatically reduce energy use while transforming lighting into a positive, purposeful and dynamic experience in a variety of spaces. This intelligent, low-voltage system powers and controls LED fixtures to enable lighting that adapts to mood, tasks, ambient lighting and more. The system not only creates a personalized experience that supports higher productivity, it enables digital ceiling and smart building networks to converge over IP. The applications feed sensor data to a central host so you can measure real-time energy consumption, air quality, temperature and more for increased operational efficiency.

Molex is now a Cisco Solutions Technology Integrator with Transcend®. Read more about this new partnership and what it means for you.

How It Works

Transcend® Lighting System

Transcend is a complete, robust system comprising Cisco® networking technology, Molex Transcend Software, category cables, sensors and a PoE gateway, as well as a broad offering of lighting fixtures from our respected lighting manufacturing partners. Molex Transcend software is a PC-based tool that acts as the "brain" of the system for testing and reporting, while the PoE gateway connects to a Cisco Catalyst switch port via a Molex category cable. Cisco technology enables a secure network communication via a low voltage IP infrastructure to distribute power and data to lighting, sensors and other devices locally. Together, these components enable secure, seamless transmission of data and power over IP and superior control over your lighting system.

Molex is now a Cisco Technology Integrator.
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Transcend® Wiring Architecture

System Architecture Schematic

Meeting The Needs of People

Transcend® Interactive Lighting Experiences

Transcend lighting software control blends sensor data with building analytics to continuously and automatically create light scenes that promote concentration, mimic natural rhythms, enhance mood, support specific tasks and "harvest" ambient daylight to capture even more energy savings. For the enterprise, these applications transform the building into a highly comfortable and invigorating space that appeals to prospective employees and improves the creativity, satisfaction and productivity of staff — it can even elevate your brand. For building managers and owners, combining these benefits with dramatic energy savings means increased building value and reduced maintenance costs.


Apply natural dynamics to promote concentration and well-being


Leverage natural circadian cycles for the average workday

Light Swatches

Use mood-enhancing swatches to invigorate or relax

Dynamic Light Scenes

Adapt light for specific work tasks

Daylight Harvesting

Save energy by adjusting for ambient light streaming through windows

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The Molex Transcend Software Suite leverages amBX Soft Core technology, which enables intelligence for lighting, taking smart lighting to new levels of performance and efficiency. The optimum lighting experience is maintained in any space through the combination of unique dynamic control with real-time data interaction without the need for programming.

Molex Transcend Software includes several tools to design, commission, test and control the entire system. Commissioning engineers and facility designers can use the Design Tool to configure a building’s lighting prior to on-site installation. Interactive floorplan views, predesigned light-scenes and a drag-and-drop interface allow for fast layout of sensors, building lighting policies and user zones.

After installation, the Facility Manager Tool offers a helicopter view of the entire building, with live statuses, error reporting and sensor feedback. The simple interface provides immediate access and control for any zone, allowing instant troubleshooting.

The Field Tool provides site engineers with on-site reference and testing via a smart device, enabling real-time support during commissioning and testing.

The User Tool allows selecting from a range of carefully designed lighting scenes that include bio-adaptive and sensor responsive features to support work or relaxation.

  • Design Tool for initial configuration
  • Facility Manager Tool for live statuses, error reporting and sensor feedback
  • Field Tool for on-site testing and reference via a smart device
  • User Tool for selecting and adjusting lighting scenes

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PoE Switch

As a Cisco® Solution Technology Integrator, Molex integrates Cisco catalyst switches into the Transcend system. The catalyst switch with four pairs Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) (IEEE802.3bt) is an efficient mechanism for power delivery since it uses all four twisted pairs within the Ethernet cable to deliver power, as opposed to two twisted pairs used by PoE Plus. This effectively reduces the channel power losses, compared to the PoE Plus. Moreover, the recommendation published by cabling standards (ISO/IEC and TIA/TR-42) indicate that IEEE802.3bt can be supported over the same standard cabling infrastructures that conform to PoE Plus requirements. Transcend PoE Lighting System supports all IEEE802.3 standards.

PoE enables adding smart and advanced controls to improve efficiency, increase productivity and integrate other systems and sensors without an additional control infrastructure. The Molex partnership with Cisco makes Transcend convergence over IP extremely simple without compromising reliability, security, efficiency, maintenance or lifetime.

  • Using all four twisted pairs delivers power more efficiently
  • Supports all IEEE802.3 standards
  • PoE enables smarter, more advanced controls and integration

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At the heart of the Transcend system, the PoE Gateway distributes power and connects luminaries, sensors and other devices to the software manager. Each Gateway is connected to a Cisco® Catalyst switch port with a Category Cable, capable of receiving 60 watts using four pairs. After power negotiation and establishing a secure connection between the gateway and the switch, the Node can distribute power and data to lights, sensors and other local devices.

The network communication allows an easy convergence on IP infrastructure while remaining totally secure through Cisco technology. As a result, data and commands can be easily passed through and integrated with other systems to allow for analytics needed by a real building automation control installation. On the device side, the Gateway provides power and data using a ragged and robust interface, and is capable of daisy-chaining power and control to a number of lights from one PoE Gateway.

  • Distributes power to lights, sensors and other devices
  • Allows easy convergence on IP infrastructure
  • Passes data and commands to enable analytics

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Lighting Fixtures

Combining modern design with compact and robust construction makes the Transcend 2x2 LED Troffer perfect for new construction or renovated spaces. These smart lighting fixtures are optimized when integrated into a network infrastructure based on PoE. The innovative Removable Rail Design allows maximum flexibility and scalability, with cost-effective installation. The removable rail hosts the power LEDs, driver and sensors.

The Transcend 2x2 LED Troffer is easy to install, commission, control and maintain. The Molex controller system enables superior dimming, daylight harvesting, occupancy detection, air quality detection and dynamically adjustable color temperatures. Together, these elements allow advanced lighting control for a fully optimized experience.

  • Innovative design for maximum flexibility and scalability
  • Simple, cost-effective installation
  • Enables dimming, daylight harvesting, occupancy detection, air quality detection and dynamically adjustable color temperatures

Local Control Wall Switch/Dimmer

Self-powered wireless wall switches/dimmers are simple to install. The Single and Double Switch Pads use energy harvesting technology to communicate wirelessly with the PoE Gateway, providing convenient control of lighting, temperature and miscellaneous electric loads. The local switch/dimmer pads are self-powered and never require batteries, since the simple act of pressing the rocker generates enough energy to send a wireless signal to Gateway devices.

Using these switches in conjunction with sensors and controls helps maximize efficiency and provide more comfort and convenience than traditional switches. The local switch pad features clean, contemporary styling that complements any décor.

  • Self-powered, with no batteries or line voltage connections necessary
  • Wireless for fast, easy installation that can be moved any time
  • Decorator style, with switch pads capable of switching and/or dimming